The global electronics marketplace is a complex, dynamic and fluid environment. The daily decisions that business leaders have to make are often constrained by the unknown.

MCA_2Decisions must be made regarding topics such as: outsourcing vs. insourcing, where should we produce our products, how do I choose the right manufacturing partner, and what up-front discussion of risk-sharing should we have.

MC Assembly’s new business development practice of a heavy up-front investment of time conducting mature and open business discussions to determine strategic fit with our potential clients, mitigates OEM’s outsourcing risks.

This process helps mitigate our shared risks and concerns while trying to uncover our potential customer’s real needs and assessing our ability to serve them over a long period of time. No manufacturing partner, regardless of size or claims of capability, can be all things to all people. Let us collaborate with you in assessing your needs and our capabilities to ensure a strong, long-term partnership. Additional Resources

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