MC Assembly, a leading mid-tier electronics manufacturing service provider based in Melbourne, Florida, for the last 30 years, has recently stepped up its community involvement initiatives with wellness and community outreach teams.

On top of average annual business expenditures of $30 million to the local Brevard County community, teams from MC Assembly routinely participate local community outreach programs.

In just the last six months, MC Assembly employees have participated in a homebuilding event for Habitat for Humanity, school supplies drive for the Brevard County Backpack Drive, Strokes for Evan Golf Charity, Brevard County Teacher Supply Zone, the Run for the Shade 5K charity race, The Wish Project Charity as well as participating in the One Blood Bus Blood Drive. And for the past 15 years, MC Assembly has been a sponsor and participant for local charity Kids Without Christmas.

“You can look at a job as ‘I came into work every day and I left’ or you can look at a job as ‘I’m a part of an organization that cares about the community,’” said MC Assembly CEO George Moore. “It’s a quality of life that employees are looking for and we need as a company.”

That sense of community is not lost on MC Assembly employees, Moore said.

MC Assembly’s Vice President of Program Management, Vicki Cooke, relocated to Florida for her position with the company and says she was amazed at how positively MC Assembly was regarded in the Melbourne area.

“I was blown away from the reactions of the people I was dealing with in the community saying ‘Oh, you work for MC Assembly? I have a friend that works there or my [relative] has worked at MC Assembly for 20 years’,” Cooke said. “It was very fulfilling for me to know I was going to work for a great company and it was the community that told me that.”

Along with active participation in events and charity work, the company has also invested in green technologies to be an environmentally friendly and cleaner neighbor. The company installed a Closed Loop Process Water Recycling System, saving an estimated 3 million gallons of water a year.

“It’s very important for the management of the company and for the employees to have pride that their company is taking an active leading role in their community,” said MC Assembly CFO Mark McReynolds.