MC Assembly offers many styles of manufacturing internships for college and high school students, ranging from traditional to highly specialized according to areas of study.

The MC Assembly Senior Design Internship Program is one avenue that invites college seniors studying design, engineering and manufacturing to take a closer look at MC Assembly’s manufacturing processes, allowing students to study and present their recommendations for productivity improvements and receive critical feedback from MC Assembly’s Management Team.

The Senior Design Internship is a hands-on, up-close program. For three months, student interns get to work right on the manufacturing floor, asking questions and studying a new product line.

At the conclusion of the Senior Design Internship, for their final project, intern teams head to the board room to present their findings and recommendations for improvements on the product line they’ve been studying, to the MC Assembly senior staff including the CEO, who will give honest and constructive feedback to the intern team.

Other college or high school internship opportunities may vary as to specific style, goals and activities.

The overall purpose is to allow students to directly observe and get a sense of manufacturing in a real production environment and provide opportunities to learn.

Many MC Assembly employees started off as interns and credit those experiences for giving them a good start.

Feedback about MC Assembly Internship Program

“We’ve been here a long time, we’re not going to be here forever, so it’s very important that there’s another generation of people who are familiar with manufacturing, with the academics of it and the technology of it, but also the real-life experience of it if we’re going to remain strong as a manufacturing economy,” – George Moore, MC Assembly CEO.

“We were able to receive feedback from a real company CEO. He told us what he liked and didn’t like from our presentation and that’s something that you just can’t fabricate.” – Jean Joseph, former student intern, UCF.

“It was a great benefit to get to work on the manufacturing line and see how they make something from the planning department to actually building the actual project,” said intern Natalie Hensley, former student intern, UCF.

“It was great seeing how we could apply the knowledge from our lectures into a real-life application,”- Manuel Molina, former student intern, UCF.

“I like it much more then my colleagues who sit a desk all day running simulations, where I get to bring a product to life.”- Matt Kemmerer.

For more information about our MC Assembly Internship program, Contact the Human Resources Department at (321) 253-0541.

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