Radio frequency (RF) wireless technology manufacturing and testing are areas where MC Assembly excels.

We manufacture RF-based PCBAs, sub-assemblies and complete box builds. Our manufactured PCBA f ranges from MHz – over 40GHz.

Today, the majority of our very high-frequency work is in the aerospace and defense industries. For industrial applications, we produce RF meters in high volume quantities. We also apply our RF manufacturing and test capabilities to the telecom and medical sectors.

RF Applications

MC Assembly is a strong RF wireless technology manufacturer. Manufacturing and test services applications for our aerospace and defense sector include:

  • Satellite Communications
  • C4I PCBAs
  • RF Power Amplifiers – up to 50 watt
  • In Flight Entertainment – Live Television
  • In Flight Entertainment – Satellite Radio
  • In Flight Internet
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Applications
  • Man Pack Radios
  • Emergency Location Transmitters
  • Ruggedized Modems
  • Special Forces Radios

Manufacturing and test services applications for our industrial, medical and telecom sectors include:

  • RF Meters
  • RF Water Meter Technology
  • Wireless Radios
  • Satellite communications
  • RF Test Equipment
  • Mass Information Storage
  • RF Cable Modems
  • Cell Phone Based GPS tracking Devices
  • Wireless Local Area Networking

RF Test

In addition, we use seasoned RF test technicians and engineers with a strong background in testing and tuning complex RF circuitry. We offer RF calibration and tuning services up over 40 GHz and RF test troubleshooting up to 6 GHz.